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Since they rush along to start that I walk to class, I test that the people passing me . The historical Naperville streets whom I drift through have shown a pattern of strangers. This environment was familiar to me because I have always grown up in regions that mimic this city. Until this past year, I never truly questioned my observations. Why do these folks have such traits that are similar? The complex answer to my inquiry organised social inequality and was explained through the notion of social stratification.

Envision a rock wall which has layers embedded into its composition. The formation of the layers is referred to as stratification. The layers in the stone are similar for men and women in society that have more resources. They constitute the groups of people who have tools as the layers get reduced toward the bottom. This structure of standing accepted in society and subsequently becomes valid. The United States was built that people have an equal opportunity at success sociologists believe there are bigger routines that challenge this assertion. While it is possible that people succeed in life with self-effort, the social stratification system makes it extremely difficult to move from one social class to another. Wealth is a individual's money, property, and assets . Income is the amount of money that a individual earns in a year. While social status is influenced by being wealthy or bad, there are. Parents have a tendency to pass on their social class and lifestyle to their kids. This legacy provides the children cultural capital and media with friends and extended family. Another variable is the cultural norms toward the system that lead to societal inequalities. Successful CEOs in business are predicted to possess a aggressive and driven attitude, where their effort is driven by profit.


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